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Future Project Ideas...
I have lots of ideas for future projects.  The challenge is of course finding the time and money.  

Another project involves using a Raspberry Pi mini computer (currently - as of October 2012 they cost about $35 and are the size of a credit card), and a couple TV tuner cards (currently - as of October 2012, the RTL 2832/E4000 tuner cards cost about $20 and receive from about 50Mhz to 1700Mhz), for a police/EMS scanner.  Another project for the Raspberry Pi will be for a remote unit, hung high in a tree or atop a tall building with SDR (Software Defined Radio) signals wifi'd to a nearby computer.

I picked up some military surplus fiberglass poles recently and have plans for a 32' vertical HF antenna.  I want to mount some kind of an antenna inside the poles as well. Still thinking on how best to design that.
Additional projects include building a simple PSK31 connection box for an old Kenwood TS520 and perhaps an old Atlas I have in the shack.

And many more...
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